The APhA Complete Review for Pharmacy 12th Edition by Ed Chyka Peter A Review

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The APhA Complete Review for Pharmacy 12th Edition, pdf, ebook, and free download by Ed. Chyka, Peter A. (Author) is a continuation of the previous one. In the latest edition, there is a lot of useful scientific information for readers. Based on the information, a book publisher called the American Pharmacists Association released it on October 30, 2017.

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Book Description

You can find a synopsis of this book from various sources. We found it through several pages, one of which was from the Amazon page.

The following is a description of the book.

The 12th edition of The APhA Complete Review for Pharmacy introduces several new features. All chapters have been revised to provide up-to-date information and concepts. Three new chapters focus on Fundamentals of Pharmacy Practice, Men’s Health, and Stroke, and two new sections address Sleep Disorders and Substance Abuse within existing chapters. Multiple-choice, self-assessment questions now contain “mark all that apply” responses. The authors and editors have incorporated the new NAPLEX competencies and exam details effective November 2016 in the book.

This edition retains many of the features from the 11th edition. The tables that list medications have the top 100 drugs indicated in bold to alert you to medicines in frequent use. A summary of a chapter’s concepts, Key Points, should give you a quick and ready snapshot of some important points discussed in the chapter. The Key Points section is followed by the Study Guide Checklist that should serve as a guide in preparation for the NAPLEX. The Checklist covers concepts and skills that are not necessarily covered fully in The APhA Complete Review for Pharmacy but should be considered in the overall preparation for the exam.

Key Features

  • Three New Chapters: Fundamentals of Pharmacy Practice, Stroke, and Men’s Health
  • More than 900 practice exam questions and answers, all reviewed and many revised, plus explanations that reinforce key learning points
  • A summary of each chapter’s contents (Key Points) and a Study Guide Checklist intended to help readers assess their readiness for the NAPLEX
  • Medication tables indicate the top 100 drugs in boldface to alert the reader to medicines in frequent use
  • Seasoned advice from Peter A. Chyka on studying for and taking the NAPLEX

To find out more about this book, we recommend that you take a look at the table of contents one by one.

Table of Contents

Based on various sources, we finally found the table of contents of this book in PDF form. Please have a look at the following link.

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