Retail Management: A Strategic Approach 13th Edition by Barry R

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Cover all of the fundamental principles for retail planning, the book is a contemporary text-based educational book to help students or retailers in the business. It also shows how to adapt to changing environments. Thus, the Retail Management: A Strategic Approach 13th Edition, pdf, ebook and download by Barry R brings updated and new ideas on how to make solutions in the new retail era.

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Book Description

The book covers a range of retail management ideas that are meant to help retailers or students in Retail management class know how to adapt to shifting trends. It includes how the changing environment demands new moves and solutions. Thus, to avoid loss and flounder, the book shows how to cope with the new retail industry world. It includes planners’ and decision-makers ideas.


The book is compiled by three industry experts that also in some previous books as a writer. They are Barry R, Joel Evans, and Patrali Chatterjee. With three awesome people behind the book, the edition brings extensive coverage in retailing, vignettes, cases, questions, and many more. The Retail Management: A Strategic Approach 13th Edition will help students to thrive in the current industry.

Target Reader

It is a coursebook that retail management students can take to learn the new or current retail industry. It also shows many cases, questions, and vignettes, which help give more intake in the real-world application. But, it is also available for an educator. If you want more information for both versions, check out Pearson’s official page.

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Book Details

The coursebook for teachers and students was released in 2018, specifically on 13th February. Pearson is the one in the charge of publishing. It measures about 3.1 pounds with a dimension of 8.8 x 1.2 x 11.15 inches. It is also one of the popular retail and marketing books. That is why it has a 4.5 stars rating from amazon.

Table of Content

Retail Management: A Strategic Approach 13th Edition has a total of 20 sections, in which starting from introducing the retailing business. After that, students will go through ideas on building and sustaining relationships. The book will also cover some information about strategic planning, a retail institution for the owner, and a store-based mix.

Some of the book coverage includes trading area analysis and site selection. It also covers operations management in two different dimensions. Furthermore, some information and details include merchandise plans, management, pricing, maintaining images, promotion, and integrating control strategy.

Where To Buy

You can get a fresh copy from the original publisher, Pearson, through its official web. It is also available on Amazon, eBay, AbeBooks,, and other online marketing sites. The price range is based on the source. But the basic one takes about 40 dollars or you can rent and buy it as eText.

Book Editions Or Format PDF Free Download

Since it has been quite a while after the Retail Management: A Strategic Approach 13th Edition release, you can get it in different formats. It is available for e-Textbook, hardcover, softcover, new, or used. You can also rent it, with a duration of around six months.

The coursebook that highlights Retail Management education covers information for the current industry. The 13th edition brings up ranges of new strategic approaches on the shifting trend and environment. At the same time, it also gives short cases, data, examples, and vignettes for more groundbreaking learning.

Nowadays, digital books have become the choice of many students for practical reasons. For those who like to read digital books, you can find them on the internet. Use an internet network to do free downloads.

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