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There are so many textbooks you can use to improve your knowledge about economics, including the Economic Development 13th Edition, pdf, ebook, and free download by Michael P. Todaro and Stephen C. Smith. This book is complete enough since it explains the theory, policy issues, and research. The content tries to connect between the real problems and the theories that can solve them. Check the details below.

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Book Description

This book is perfect for those who want to learn more about the development of economics in developing countries. Students will not only get more information about the theories but also the real policy issues and the latest research.

The content may give you an answer to the policy debates through case studies in several countries. The 13th edition includes several new things, including the latest cases, in-depth case studies, comparative cases, and many more. The authors discuss several cases in India, China, and Brazil. You can also learn different cases through comparative methods.

Let say the authors compare the cases of Burundi and Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya, and Mauritius and Botswana. Do you want to know the relationship between economic movement and poverty, physical, and even mental health? Indeed, you should buy this book and find the answer there.

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About of Author

Prof Michael P. Todaro, New York University and The Population Council

Stephen C. Smith, George Washington University

Book Details

Publisher: Pearson‎

Publication date: 13th edition April 24, 2020 ‎

Language: ‎ English

Print length: 928 pages ‎

Item Weight: 3.44 pounds ‎

Dimensions: 8 x 1.3 x 9.9 inches ‎

Table of Content

Title Page

Copyright Page

Brief Contents


Case Studies and Boxes

Figures and Tables


1 Introducing Economic Development: A Global Perspective

1.1 Introduction to Some of the World’s Biggest Questions

1.2 How Living Levels Differ Around the World

1.3 How Countries Are Classified by Their Average Levels of Development: A First Look

1.4 Economics and Development Studies

1.4.1 Wider Scope of Study

1.4.2 The Central Role of Women

1.5 The Meaning of Development: Amartya Sen’s “Capability” Approach

1.6 Happiness and Development

1.7 The Sustainable Development Goals: A Shared Development Mission

1.7.1 Seventeen Goals

1.7.2 The Millennium Development Goals, 2000–2015

1.7.3 Implementing the Sustainable Development Goals

1.8 Some Critical Questions for the Study of Development Economics

Case Study 1: Comparative Economic Development: Pakistan and Bangladesh

2 Comparative Economic Development

2.1 An Introduction

2.2 What is the Developing World? Classifying Levels of National Economic Development

2.2.1 Conventional Comparisons of Average National Income

2.2.2 Adjusting for Purchasing Power Parity

2.2.3 Other Common Country Classifications

2.3 Comparing Countries by Health and Education, and the Human Development Index

2.3.1 Comparing Health and Education Levels

2.3.2 Introducing the Human Development Index

2.3.3 Human Development Index Ranking: How Does it Differ from Income Rankings?

2.3.4 Human Development Index: Alternative Formulations

2.4 Key Similarities and Differences Among Developing Countries

2.4.1 Levels of Income and Productivity

2.4.2 Human Capital Attainments

2.4.3 Inequality and Absolute Poverty

2.4.4 Population Growth and Age Structure

2.4.5 Rural Economy and Rural-to-Urban Migration

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Where to Buy

You can visit the official website of the publisher, to order the book. Alternatively, you can go to trusted retailers, including Amazon and eBay. Several other online bookstores are also ready with this book. You would better check the availability first before ordering it.

Edition PDF Free Download

Economic Development 13th Edition comes in two different versions, e-book, and paperback. The e-book is more affordable than the paperback. It is okay to buy the paperback if you want to bring it anywhere you want to open it right away. The eBook version is more flexible and lightweight since you are about to read over 900 pages.

You can also find free download links from various sources on the internet. Usually, many internet users upload PDFs with the aim of sharing them with others.

And to read uploaded PDFs, you can open them with the Acrobat Reader application. Some internet browsers can also read PDF digital files.

In the event that the contents of the book are incomplete according to the printed edition, then you can buy it at the nearest bookstore.

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